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Anonymous said: I wonder if people actually listened to the U2 album though, it's pretty good!


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This weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. 

On Friday morning me and my two pals Bre and Kemi all took a 5 hour trip to this lovely hostel and what we thought would just be an average camping trip. When we got there we were greeted by a giant sign that said “welcome home” and I knew this was just going to be the most enchanting journey. And boy was I right. Everything about this place was about friendship, community, and being at one with mother nature. Quickly strangers became friends and we all shared everything, from stories to food. During the days my friends and I would swim in the lake. Now get this, the lake and pool were clothing optional which meant a lot of skinny dipping. It was beautiful because everyone would go swimming in the nude but it wasn’t weird nor sexual. We all viewed the human body as art and not “porn”. No one shamed body types and instead we all reminded each other how beautiful we all are… It was just normal. We are all humans and we were aware that the human body should never be shamed or sexualized like it is in our every day society. Swimming naked in the lake and pool felt so free and liberating! Not only that, but no one wore a drop of makeup the entire time we were there. It was so refreshing because no one seemed to mind what anyone looked like, no one judged anyone, it was all based on our souls and how we connect with one another. Every night for dinner the people that worked at the hostel cooked a home cooked vegan meal with fresh veggies from the organic garden. It was delicious! Before dinner everyone would all get in a circle and hold hands and we had a “moment of silence” where we all closed our eyes and just listened to the sounds of the forest. After that we all went around the circle and said our name, where we are from, and what we’re grateful for. It was enlightening to hear what everyone was grateful for and it just made the atmosphere even more enjoyable, it always made me smile to hear what the next person was going to say. After dinner , they blasted folky music that everyone jammed out to and we all went into the kitchen and did out part by washing our plates. (Also it was a requirement that everyone MUST drink from the mason jars they provided, how cute!)

Everything there is ran by all things eco friendly. So that meant lots of composting after dinner, outside showers with environmentally friendly soap for the drain and for the soil, keeping track of your own trash, and lots more. 

At night we would all sleep in tree houses and it was just the coolest thing ever. The treehouse we stayed in had an art room at the top where we could go and express ourself however we wanted. So I spent a lot of time in there taking out my issues and things that made me sad by painting and writing. That being said, we were allowed to write whatever and wherever we wanted in the treehouse. It was insightful reading the things people wrote on the walls and beds. Some sad and some very happy. 

In the mornings I woke up to the sound of the chickens and the cicadas. And for some reason I was filled with so much creativity and inspiration. It was a strange feeling because I really only feel inspired or creative late at night, so it was the first time I woke up with the mindset of wanting to create everything. In the morning we would also do yoga in this beautiful room they have built made of glass windows. It was relaxing to release all of the stress and worries of the world. At night was my favorite part… After dinner everyone would go straight to the lake and swim out to the dock. Thats where we all talked about life.. From evolution to the things that make us happy. The sky was absolutely beautiful and I was enamored the first night when I saw all of the stars. It was unreal! I don’t even know how to begin to explain it! Each and every star was so clear. I was able to point out every constellation and the milky way was extremely visible to the naked eye. I even saw 3 shooting stars! One on the first night and two on the second. I couldn’t believe such a thing, I was speechless!!

Now of course we weren’t allowed to have our phones/computers out so I took some of these photos low key. But most of them are from my polaroid camera which everyone seemed to love!

This place is definitely my home away from home. Its been the only place where I really felt in touch with mind, body, and soul. Everyday I woke up with a the most positive mindset and I just wanted to give everyone endless hugs and kisses. I’m so grateful for being able to connect with the beautiful people I met there, I never thought this experience would change my life. 

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i cant stop fuckjng laughing

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These beanies are really long and you have to wear them at the top of your head so there’s heaps of saggy material and you look like a mallrat
they also don’t say allday, it’s for when you want to rep allday but more on the sly
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These beanies are really long and you have to wear them at the top of your head so there’s heaps of saggy material and you look like a mallrat

they also don’t say allday, it’s for when you want to rep allday but more on the sly


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